Renewable Energy DVD Set

Double Disc DVD | Double Disc Lecture CD | Music CD:

Learn aboutEarn green going green. At the end of the day green has to put green $$$ in your pocket. The ROI (return of investment) has to deliver a favorable return. The Solar PV and solar thermal industries have reduced upfront cost. You can get a thermal system for very economical rates installed today. Solar PV panels sold for over $2.90 per watt a couple years ago now today rates are below $1.50 per watt. The slow economy has made the supply affordable. Get training for installing solar panels now.

Learn from LEED AP, Building performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Team of instructors and industry professionals.

(2) DVD Runtime 2:24:54
(2) CD Lectures Runtime 1:38:00

Green Music with song for each topic listed below.
Topics covered in Renewable Energy:

A. Onsite Renewable Energy (19:12 DVD) (14:25 CD)
B. Green Power Purchasing (21:05 DVD) (15:12 CD)
C. Grid-tied Systems (14:57 DVD) (11:35 CD)
D. Stand Alone Systems (19:16 DVD) (15:04 CD)
E. Hybrid Systems (17:02 DVD) (12:25 CD)
F. Solar PV Assessment (18:50 DVD) (14:44 CD)
G. Basics of Solar PV Installation (34:46 DVD) (14:43 CD)

* Real in the field segment showing industry skills.
Career opportunities that rely on these building basics:

  • Solar PV Installers
  • Solar Thermal Plumbers
  • Wind Turbine Techs
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Electricians & Laborers
  • Building Commissioners
  • Utility Company Techs
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • Renewable Energy Sales & Maintenance


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