Green Training DVD – Audio Set

Double Disc DVD | Double Disc Lecture CD | Music CD:

Learn about – The buildings we live and work in use energy to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Understanding the relationship of the building type and the building design allows us to know how to make buildings energy efficient. To truly be green we have to realize that most of our energy consumption is used for the heating and cooling of buildings. Weatherization services are used to reduce the cost for homes or the workplace.

Learn from – LEED AP, Building performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Team of instructors and industry professionals.

  • (2) DVD Runtime – 2:32:30
  • (2) CD Lectures Runtime – 1:35:00
  • Green Music with song for each topic listed below

Topics covered in – Basics of Construction/Weatherization:
A. Measurement (20:36 DVD) (15:15 CD)
B. Building Components (19:54 DVD) (16:07 CD) C. Building Structures (21:34 DVD) (16:40 CD)
D. Building Science Basics (21:48 DVD) (16:48 CD) E. Weatherization Tools (20:03 DVD) (15:52 CD)
F. Weatherization Procedures (48:06 DVD) (15:12 CD) * Real in the field segment showing industry skills.
Career opportunities that rely on these building basics:

  • Weatherization Technicians Energy Auditors
  • Sustainable Designer
  • Facility Managers
  • Construction Workers
  • Property Inspectors
  • Building Supply Salesmen
  • Architects & Engineers
  • HVAC & Mechanical Installers


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