Green Training Audio Set

Topics covered in – Basics of Construction/Weatherization:

A. Measurement(15:15 CD)
B. Building Components (16:07 CD)
C. Building Structures (16:40 CD)
D. Building Science Basics (16:48 CD)
E. Weatherization Tools (15:52 CD)
F. Weatherization Procedures (15:12 CD)

* Double CD Package
Topics covered in – Green Building:
A. Green Bldg -vs.- Conventional Construction (15:35 CD)
B. Sustainable Sites & Water Efficiency. (19:45 CD)
C. Energy & Atmosphere (15:51 CD)
D. Materials & Resources (14:31 CD)
E. Indoor Environmental Quality (16:29 CD)
F. Innovation Design & Regional Priority (12:35CD)

* Double CD Package
Topics covered in – Renewable Energy:
A. Onsite Renewable Energy (14:25 CD)
B. Green Power Purchasing (15:12 CD)
C. Grid-tied Systems (11:35 CD)
D. Stand Alone Systems (15:04 CD)
E. Hybrid Systems (12:25 CD)
F. Solar PV Assessment (14:44 CD)
G. Basics of Solar PV Installation (14:43 CD)

* Double CD Package


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