IMAGOGREEN has been helping homeowners for years with the process of making their homes more energy efficient. Our professional building scientists on staff have assessed thousands of homes and helped homeowners come up with a plan for addressing the issues they find. Our client relations staff has been helping homeowners identify rebates and low to no interest financing, and connecting them with our network of professional contractors who can perform the work. We’ve answered lots of questions about the process over the years. For example, you might be wondering:

  1. Which contractor should I work with?
  2. Should I start with the insulation, or should I call the heating & cooling contractor—when should I do what?
  3. What should I expect? Do I really want to tackle this on my own?

IMAGOGREEN’s in-house Contracting Service takes the uncertainty out of home energy improvement projects. No matter what your energy efficiency needs are, we can move your project from start to finish for you. With IMAGOGREEN’s Contracting Service, scheduling an appointment with us for an initial assessment is all it takes to get your project off the ground.

We will completely assess your home, design solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, schedule the work for you, oversee the work crews to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and we provide a quality assurance visit when the work is complete. Our subcontractors have been working as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors for many years, and have been fully vetted by IMAGOGREEN. Think of our Contracting Service as a nonprofit general contractor dedicated to making energy efficiency improvements easy and affordable for you.

We also perform the required health and safety testing and we measure the reduction in air leakage, so that you can be assured that your home has actually been transformed and will be more comfortable, healthier, safer and more energy efficient.

Give us a call at 804-253-5767 or schedule your initial visit online. One of IMAGOGREEN’s Energy Coaches can come out and assess your home, and walk you through the next steps, so that your home energy improvement project is worry-free. And while we are there we can do a free home energy check-up, which comes with up to 9 CFL Lights, new chrome showerhead, kitchen Swivel Aerator, Bathroom 1.0gpm Aerator, and Energy saving power surge,  if your home qualifies.

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