Learn More About Imago Green, LLC! Green Jobs for All!

IMAGO GREEN, LLC is a Virginia-based company with the goal of helping the country to get back to work through green building and renewable energy/solar photovoltaic (PV) awareness through education. The goal of IMAGO GREEN’s initiative is to increase the level of green skills in the USA. Our approach is to prepare low-income individuals for opportunities to advance their careers, while helping regional businesses find and develop qualified/certified workers. IMAGO GREEN’s training program is applicable for a variety of workers: experienced tradesmen/women looking to learn green skills and to the lower-skilled workers/job seekers in need of fundamental training/industry exposure. We now offer Energy Efficiency Program Consulting and Management Services, Call Us for more details about how we can help your organization use energy savings programs to create local jobs.


How do you get green jobs? Knowledge of energy efficiency is a first step in taking on the task of energy independence. At IMAGO GREEN, LLC our training focuses on preparing workers to do weatherization services, home energy check-up installations, green building design, and how to install solar energy systems. Through knowledge and training, people can take advantage of the opportunity for employment in the growing clean-tech industry, while helping rebuild the economy and creating a cleaner environment. IMAGO GREEN, LLC developed a Solar Energy – PV Entry Level Certification program curriculum that is based on the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certificate program’s outline. IMAGO GREEN, LLC developed a LEED Green Associates program to prepare workers for certification through U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Training USA’s unemployed and those below the poverty line, is the next step towards re-boosting the US economy. Workers must be retooled with a new set of skills in order to acquire work in a new financial climate. Laid-off workers need new training to become productive Americans again. Typical green jobs are 185% the rate of minimum wage. Thirteen dollars per hour is a new life line for someone in poverty. Thirteen dollars per hour is a bright new start for someone unemployed. Our company has a business plan that will put 32 plus people to work. That’s a minimum of 32 new green jobs created within 24 months! One person employed effects 20 lives. The worker’s family sees a boost, the worker’s grocery store sees a boost, and the worker’s pastor sees a boost in the collection plate on Sunday Morning. People with employment, is the greatest resource available to stimulate the economy.

VA Licensed AES (Alternative Energy Systems) Contractor!

IMAGO GREEN, LLC was incorporated in 2008 to serve the needs of green building/solar industry employment seekers and those interested in learning more about renewable energies. Specializing in Solar Awareness Courses used to broaden the solar awareness of all. IMAGO GREEN, LLC is a Virginia based corporation. Our goal is to assist the US government get the country back to work through renewable energy Solar PV Awareness Campaigns. Education of solar industry is the first step needed to get the country motivated to take on the task of reaching energy independence. Millions of people must be exposed to the solar industry and those citizens must be trained to install and design solar systems that will lead us all toward a brighter tomorrow. Enable the people to take advantage of the opportunity to help rebuild the economy and create a cleaner earth in the process. I’m A Go Green and I’m going to help others see the financial and humane reasons why they should Go Green too!